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Raspberry Pi 2B/3B with RS-232 cape (LK-RS232) all-metal DIN-RAIL Case

This case is designed to fit the Raspberry Pi 2 model B and the Raspberry Pi 3 model B computers with RS-232 (LK-RS232) cape attached. It is intended to be fixed to a DIN rail together with other standard automation equipment. Supported are both 7.5 mm and 15 mm EN 50022 DIN rails known also as Top hat section, Type O, Type Ω, or TS35. The case offers entirely-metal sturdy design intended to protect the Pi but giving full and easy access to all outside connectors and LEDs. There is also a dedicated opening for the display and camera ribbon cables. Memory cards can be changed without hassle thanks to the dedicated opening for the memory card slot. The Pi is attached by using included M2.5 screws. Case cover is also attached by M2.5 screws and can be removed in seconds even while the case is fixed in its place. RS-232 DB-9 connector is attached to the case by its screws. The case has powder coating finish available in Light Grey (RAL 7035), Grey (RAL 7001), and Black (RAL 9005).

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Mount(1) EN 50022 DIN rails
7.5 mm and 15 mm
Material Steel
Finish Powder coating
Size 60 x 37.9 x 92 mm
(2.36 x 1.49 x 3.62 in)
Size including mount 60 x 49.3 x 92 mm
(2.36 x 1.94 x 3.62 in)
Weight 86 g
Accessible connectors RS-232, LAN, USB, A/V, HDMI, Power
Cape model LK-RS232
Cape attached by DB-9 screws
Raspberry Pi models(2) Pi 2 model B
Pi 3 model B
Raspberry Pi attached by M2.5 screws x 4
LEDs visible ALL
Memory card accessible Yes
Opening for display and camera cables Yes
Intended use Indoor only
Use one of our standard colors
Color:  Light grey RAL 7035
Price:19.95 €
Color:  Silver grey RAL 7001
Price:19.95 €
Color:  Jet black RAL 9005
Price:19.95 €
Or choose a custom one
Price:19.95 €

3D CAD Renderings
Assembly: 1.

Open the case and remove all screws. Remove DB-9 screws from the cape;


Attach the cape to the Pi FIRST;


Insert rear end of the Pi-Cape assembly, where DB-9 connector is, into the case;


GENTLY pull-out front wall of the case and push the Pi all the way down. DO NOT use tools! Front wall will return to its original position;


Fix all screws and close the case.

Notes: 1.

This case is suitable for EN 50022 rails - both 7.5 mm and 15 mm, known also as Top hat section, Type O, Type Ω, or TS35;

This case is NOT suitable for C section rails known also as C-type, or C20, C30, C40, C50, and G section rails known also as G-type, or EN 50035, BG 5825, and DIN 46277-1;


This case is NOT suitable for Raspberry Pi 1;


As the case metal is thin please be careful when inserting cover screws and do not overtighten them;


When attaching the case to the DIN rail please attach the rear hook first, then pull the DIN rail lock until it stops, press the case against the DIN rail, and release the lock. Do not attach to the DIN rail by simply pressing entire assembly against the rail until it clicks in place;


Do not use solvents for cleaning the case as this can damage the paint finish, use wet cloth instead;


Indoor use only!


Color rendition may depend on monitor, camera settings and lighting, please refer to the RAL chart to get a review of the color. Different colors and further customization are possible by request;


Raspberry Pi and RS-232 cape are not included!

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