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Metal cases branding

We can apply branding on any case surface. Branding is done in two ways:

  1. Stickers: Any graphic can be printed on a sticker and attached to any surface. Resolution is around 600 dpi. Stickers are made of thinnest and clearest foil used for branding cars. It is very resistant to the elements, fingers, etc., but please note that sticker edges will still be discernible – the sticker is usually done to cover entire case wall leaving about 1 mm to case edges thus making it less discernible;

  2. Metal cut: Simple graphics can be cut directly in case metal. Resulting opening can be either left as is or covered from inside with other material. Translucent cut covering is possible which can be illuminated from inside. This method is good for simple graphics, not for small text or detailed images.

What we need: A project. Please supply us with your graphics and/or text preferably in vector format. Let us know what entire vision is expected to be. A sketch, even hand-drawn will greatly help. Some description will also work – for example: I need my logo on top side, centered, portrait. Case color can be chosen from our color list.


How we proceed: When the project is finished we send a presentation graphic for customer approval and expect a GA.

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