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The Beaglebone Black all-metal DESKTOP Case!

The title and pictures say it all: this is a Beaglebone Black enclosure. It is made if steel light and strong enough to protect the Beaglebone. All connectors are accessible excluding internal headers. The MMC card slot is also accessible. All LEDs are visible through dedicated openings. The board is attached inside the case by using included M3 screws. Case cover is also attached by M3 screws. The case has four feet and acrylic paint finish. Available in Light Grey (RAL 7035), Grey (RAL 7001) and Black (RAL 9005).

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  • Have specific needs? Want to accommodate a cape? Let us know – we offer custom designs!

Color:Jet black (RAL 9005)
Price:12.95 €
Color:Silver grey (RAL 7001)
Price:12.95 €
Color:Light grey (RAL 7035)
Price:12.95 €
Color:White (RAL 9010)
Price:12.95 €

Case Dimensions
Notes: 1.

As the case metal is thin please be careful when inserting the cover screws and do not overtighten them;


When attaching the Beaglebone Black please insert the ethernet connector first, then slightly bend the opposite side of the case and insert the HDMI connector;


Do not use solvents for cleaning the case as this can damage the paint finish, use wet cloth instead;


Indoor use only!


Color rendition may depend on monitor, camera settings and lighting, please refer to the RAL chart to get a review of the color;


Beaglebone Black is not included!